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BANKING---Watchtower Society Style 

By:-Jack McCracken 


It seems the Watchtower Society (WTS) can't shake its occultic past and Illuminist masters. Fritz Springmeier detailed that the WTS was funded by a Rothschild propaganda agency, the B'nai B'rith, during a Swiss court action in 1922 and others have noted the early mystical beliefs of pyramidology and demonology. 

Recently, the WTS has been embroiled in a scandal with its membership as an NGO in the UN and is observed as having affiliation with other occultic groups such as CESNUR. Today, it appears as the hidden agency behind a "new economic system" called the Contrary Bank, now forming in Italy. An individual is the apparent Front Man for the WTS's new banking venture. 

Consider this:- The WTS discourages personal interpretation of scripture and does not permit publicizing of such without severe censure, including labeling an individual as an Apostate and disfellowshipment; it also officially discourages use of the internet; and nothing in the culture and belief system is tenable unless approved by an elite group known as the Faithful Slave. 

Now, the individual Front Man claims to be a saint, and theoretically, is a member of their Faithful Slave. This should therefore permit him to proclaim 'new theological light' (which is fairly congruous with the official always-in-flux dogma), namely, that the WTO, representing International Commerce, is the cause of existing poverty on the planet. He states,"...we have identified [the] BARCODE described [as the] Mark Of Satan 666 in the Revelation". This individual blames the exodus of rank and file members on oppressive economic conditions caused by International Commerce. 

This individual urges clients of the Contrary Bank to use the internet, even to establish their own websites. He produces a copy of a letter from the WTS (in Italian) which in no way censures 'his' commercial enterprise. "...we are ready to establish a new economic system", 'his' website states. Esoteric "know-how will really change the way we've been accustomed [to] in the last 150 years", 'he' adds. 

The WTS Contrary Bank provides clients with an Alpha City Card to conduct transacations: This is also called, on the website, LaPrima City Card or the Alpha City Card or the First Accredit Card. The Alpha Club is advertised with Illuminati subliminal imagery such as, the Pyramid, the Sunburst, a UN wreath and the face of the mythical King Midas on their vault door. 

The pyramid should be a reminder of the WTS's pyramidological past and a suggestion of secret society connections. The sunburst denotes either illumination or affiliation with B'nai B'rith (sons of Baal berith [pagan sungod]). The UN wreath should remind all of their contribution towards the creation of the pagan New World Order. And King Midas' comical face is suggestive that their claim of freedom from impoverishment via the pyramid principle of MLM, is a joke and means quite the opposite; that they will perpetuate impoverishment by enriching a few. 

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