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Subj: "Are YOU An 'Enemy of the State???'" What Christians Should KNOW!


Date: 9/20/01 11:07:13 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: MyTWaryor4JC
To: Albertoaic

(Excerpt from "Premonitions of an American Holocaust," by Pam Schuffert)
Document 1-
From Pentagon Intelligence Deputy Chief of Staff, Major Ralph Peters, Washington DC:

"The desire for Patriotism (the sovereignty of our nation, our flag, our religious and other freedoms, and nationalism,) is considered an enemy doctrine. The US armed forces must be prepared to fight against all those who oppose the New World Order and are holding out for nationalism."

"This new 'Warrior Class' [of American Patriots who will resist martial law and the NWO] is most dangerous because they consist of those who fight out of strong religious beliefs. You cannot bargain or compromise with these 'warriors.' We as the military need to commit more time to counter these 'warrior' threats...coupled with IRRESISTIBLE VIOLENCE."

Document 2-
A copy of a top secret document has been smuggled out of the Executive Office Building in Washington DC. Parts of it are  as follows:

On transfer of sovereignty to the United Nations, those who do not conform to United Nations authority will be considered RESISTERS and declared ENEMIES OF THE GOVERNMENT.  Public statements in support of the old ways and favoring continued United States nationlism will be considered ENEMY DOCTRINE.

UN armed forces must be prepared to fight against all those who openly oppose the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism.

The most dangerous resisters will be those with strong religious beliefs. These specific elements cannot be contained nor subdued and must be dealt with harshly to the core. Civilian militias have announced their intention of armed defiance and promotion of Civil disobedience. All possible efforts must be mounted to prevent scattered groups of resisters from uniting with these disciplined militia concentrations.

In order to make a peaceful transition to UN domination, it is imperative that special UN units be designated the spearhead that will TOTALLY NEUTRALIZE ALL COORDINATED RESISTANCE from militias and ORGANIZED PASSIVE REBELLION FROM THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT.

Document 3-

The US attorney general  (former Janet Reno) has sent a CONFIDENTIAL MEMO  to US attorneys that an investigation would take place against FUNDAMENTALIST AND RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS. It states that investigation and surveillance of right wing political and fundamentalists, religious organizations and individuals will take place in certain states. Dossiers on targeted individuals are to be complied and retained in Washington, DC in the Justice Department.

In the event of a widespread uprising (as in MARTIAL LAW) these individuals must be viewed as POTENTIAL TERRORISTS.

-Janet Reno, former US attorney general (This investigation and it's conclusions and viewing such Christians as potential terrorists still remains in effect.)

Friends, are YOU an "ENEMY OF THE STATE"???